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Presentation of PPP - OZ Partnerstvá pre prosperitu




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PARTNERSHIPS FOR PROSPERITY (PPP) is a non-governmental non-profit organization, founded in January 2001 and officially registered in June 2001. We create public - private partnerships between the political, commercial and academic sectors, promoting concrete projects aiming at the development of the information society.

The main objectives of PPP are:

  1. to provide a forum for an equal combination of interests of the government (public administration), the business sector and educational (scientific) institutions in the field of IT;
  2. to propose and promote projects aiming at the modernization of the public administration in order to bring it closer to citizens;
  3. to promote a more intensive dynamics of the use of opportunities provided by IT in the field of education e-Learning), public administration (e-Government) and entrepreneurship (e-Business) in Slovakia.